Audit committee
Viva Wine Group has an audit committee consisting of three members: Lars Ljungälv (committee chairman), Mikael Aru and Joanna Hummel. The audit committee shall, without it affecting the responsibilities and tasks of the board of directors, monitor the company’s financial reporting, monitor the efficiency of the company’s internal controls, internal auditing and risk management, keep informed of the auditing of the annual reports and the consolidated accounts, review and monitor the impartiality and independence of the auditor and pay close attention to whether the auditors are providing other services besides audit services for the company, and assist in the preparation of proposals for the general meeting’s resolution on the election of auditors.

Remuneration committee
Viva Wine Group has a remuneration committee consisting of two members: Anders Moberg (committee chairman) and Anne Thorstvedt Sjöberg. The remuneration committee shall prepare matters concerning remuneration principles, remuneration and other employment terms for the executive management.